On Looking For The Best Apartments In Albuquerque

Do you want to find the best apartments in Albuquerque but don’t know where to start? Here, you’re going to learn what you need to know about renting an apartment in this area. Then, it will be a lot easier for you to find a place to stay that is a fair price.

You’re going to want to learn a little more about the area an apartment is in. You don’t want to rent a place that is in a bad part of town. If you find an apartment that is very cheap compared to others in the area, then it may be in a bad part of town and that’s why it costs so much less. You can find crime maps online on real estate sites that show you what happens where. No area is completely free of crime, but some areas are safer to live in than other areas.

Before you rent a place, find out if you are able to afford to live there. You’re going to want to learn what the rent is going to cost along with things like your utilities. If you want to know what utilities are going to cost, you can call the utility companies to ask them roughly what their services will cost you each month. You don’t want to move in only to find out that you’re not going to be able to afford everything you need. Find an apartment that is in your price range and it should work out better than one you can barely afford.

See what you can find in the way of move in specials. Sometimes, an apartment complex will give you a good deal on one of their units if you move in at a certain time. To find out who is having a move in special, call around and ask different apartment owners what they’re charging for people to move in. You may be able to find deals like not having to pay a security deposit. When you do find a deal, make sure you look into the apartment to make sure it’s nice enough to be worth it.

You can learn a lot about apartments if you find reviews on them. When looking into reviews for more information, you’re going to want to find the ones that tell you a lot about the apartments you’re interested in. You don’t want to just get a one sentence overview of the place because that doesn’t teach you a lot about what to expect and what the place is like in general. Also, read the more recent reviews when possible since a place like an apartment complex can change quite a bit as time goes on.

The best apartments in Albuquerque are now something you can find. You want to take your time with this so you can look over each of your options carefully. Finding a good apartment just takes time and a little bit of effort if you want something that suits you.

Moving Guide for Your Next Move into Your New Apartment

Planning a move really involves so much stuff to be handled.You not just have to move to the new apartment but it has to be figured out that what kind of help will be needed and who will be your helping hand to carry out the process in a perfect way. If you love it when it comes to decorating then you can’t really wait to plan things out for your new apartment.

Here is a guide that will help you through the moving process and then to settle down in your new apartment.Just read on and you will find it fun to plan your next move.

Before the actual moving day comes, you have to be ready to do so. You should first determine whether you have all that can help you keep track of your moving details at the last minute. Also, if you are scared of asking your family members or friends to help you out in the moving process then just don’t be scared. Just ask them and you will be surprised that many of them will be ready to do so.

If you don’t find much luck with your friends and family, then you should better contact different moving companies and get estimates for your move from each of them. After choosing the mover you should discuss the time of your move, packing and the total costs. Make sure that you ask about any kind of additional costs like for the garment boxes, etc. Keep all your receipts and the paperwork in separate file folder.

Next you should make the list of all inventory items that belongs to you. It can be good if you break down your list into rooms. This will give you an exact idea about what will be put in each of the new rooms. It is an important decision that which items will have to be left behind. Think about the hosting of some garage sale. You can also donate some of your items to some charity. Next you should arrange for the disposal of your large items which might not have been donated or sold.

Next, you should cancel all the memberships you might have with any organizations or clubs. Ask them if they offer the same services in the community you are moving to and, if that is the case, arrange for your new membership. Make sure that you start to get familiarized with the new community. Note down the locations of everything like grocery stores, fire departments and police stations, etc.

Now start your long packing process. You can start the process by gathering appropriate containers or boxes. If any deliveries have to be made to the current apartment, cancel them all. Once you have packed everything, it’s about time to take everything to the new apartment through the moving company that had been hired earlier.

If you want to find the best apartments in Albuquerque nm to rent and are worried about the moving process, then just follow the steps given above and you will make a hassle free move for sure.

Colonialism and the Lost Indigenous Housing Designs

Imagine a community where every home maintains a comfortable temperature without the use of electricity. Designed with local materials and aligned to maximize use of solar energy, these homes are more than just a place to live: They are also perfectly suited for processing food, participating in religious gatherings, and maintaining social relationships. These houses are also incredibly durable to the test of time—so durable, in fact, that they’ve survived thousands of years.

The Sky City village in the Pueblo of Acoma epitomizes intelligent architectural design exactly as described. About 60 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico, this community has thrived in its Southwestern desert atop a mesa for what tribal elders estimate to be over 2,000 years.

These days, not everyone lives in Sky City. After centuries of oppression and violence from Spanish and American colonial governments, the Pueblo of Acoma retains only about 10 percent of its original land base. And the federal government maintains a significant stake in the Pueblo of Acoma’s tribal housing programs.

Today, indigenous communities are impacted by U.S. housing practices. In the case of the Pueblo of Acoma, for example, the primary source of funding for the tribe’s housing authority is through a grant program that funds tribal housing projects—so long as they meet standards set by Housing and Urban Development. These standards force projects to conform to Western design principles. As a result, tribal members live in Western-style project homes—homes that don’t incorporate cultural needs, aren’t energy efficient, and undercut community self-sufficiency.

But some indigenous people are fighting back. They’re working to revitalize traditional architecture in Native communities, insert traditional principles into Western architecture training programs, and build housing justice in Indian Country.

In my work as a master’s candidate of American Indian studies at Arizona State University, I’ve studied the impact of housing policy on traditional housing, energy resilience, and culture in indigenous communities in Arizona. This work brought me in contact with Wanda Dalla Costa, an architect who is leading efforts to revitalize traditional architecture in Arizona.

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Dalla Costa is a Saddle Creek Cree and visiting professor at ASU. She views housing as not only an expression of tribal sovereignty, but also as a pathway to nation-building.

Currently, Dalla Costa collaborates with the Gila River Indian Community, south of Phoenix, on what she calls “re-operationalizing their traditional homes” in a modern context. As part of this project, students from ASU partner with tribal members to learn about traditional building techniques and the role that architectural design plays in supporting and maintaining cultural values.

One outcome of this partnership is to provide the community with recommendations for architecture that integrates traditional design principles into modern structures. Dalla Costa’s team has gathered information on the role traditional structures played in the daily life and culture of the tribe’s O’otham ancestors. In this process, students have listened to community members tell stories of the important role these structures play in social gatherings.

The movement to revitalize traditional housing has implications that extend beyond Indian Country.

By gathering this information, Dalla Costa and her team will establish cultural priorities that should appear in the design of modern homes. Currently, Dalla Costa is fundraising to build a housing prototype in 2019 and plans to start co-designing with tribal members soon.

Research shows that architecture that reflects local traditions and heritage provides social and cultural benefits. According to award-winning East Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi in an interview for Reuters, architecture that uses interlocking spaces, colors, and designs rooted in local traditions provides residents—especially those in vulnerable communities—with security, and can lead to social change. Yet, in an interview by Dezeen, Doshi notes that India’s desire to compete globally has led it to construct characterless skyscrapers. This kind of growth reflects a “desire to be like somebody else” rather than a desire to reflect local heritage, he says. In his designs, he seeks to revitalize traditional architecture by incorporating aspects of traditional design, such as architectural elements from Hindu temples.

Indigenous architecture is well-suited to extreme Arizonan heat and climate.

Traditional architecture can also build climate resiliency. Because it was developed over the course of thousands of years by indigenous people, traditional architecture is well-adapted for local climates. In her work with the Gila River Indian Community, Dalla Costa studied how traditional architecture is well-suited to extreme Arizonan heat and climate. Sandwich housing, for example, is built using adobe materials with a high thermal mass. This means they absorb and store heat, making them energy-efficient cooling structures that not only preserve culture, but increase community self-sufficiency, too.

These cultural and environmental benefits stand in contrast to Western architecture in the U.S. and Canada, where housing laws, markets, and architectural standards have commodified housing and stripped non-monetary values from design priorities—values like community strength and resiliency. A typical suburban home may have a yard to impress the neighbors, but it isn’t designed to invite those neighbors in. Western architects are trained to build housing for “efficiency and mass appeal,” such as the developer homes, or “purely aesthetic,” overly reliant on slick or sexy imagery, says Dalla Costa.

How can we create homes that represent the cultural values we want without appropriating traditional architecture?

In her work, Dalla Costa hopes to build traditional values into Western architectural training programs while helping indigenous communities begin to revitalize traditional architecture in Arizona. And there are others working to do this, too.

The organization Red Feather partners with indigenous communities in Arizona to increase access to healthy housing. Instead of promoting the creation of new homes and communities, Red Feather works with tribal members to eliminate health risks in traditional—but dilapidated—houses. Also in the Southwest, the Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative plans and researches with tribes to design culturally relevant and environmentally friendly projects that promote community self-sufficiency. Joseph Kunkel, the executive director of SNCC, is a Cheyenne tribal member and visiting professor at ASU who has recently partnered with Dalla Costa.

This movement to revitalize traditional housing in Arizona has implications that extend beyond Indian Country.

It calls into question whether Western housing truly serves our needs as a home—not just a commodity. And it forces us to consider the connection between architecture, design, and cultural values. For example, what do homes with large garages and tiny kitchens say about modern American culture? Do the standard models we see in communities today support the cultural and socio-economic diversity of this country—or do they force cultural assimilation?

And how can we create homes that represent the cultural values we want—homes that are sustainable, healthy, and that build strong communities—without appropriating traditional architecture? Perhaps this is where settler-colonial communities will need to think about how they can support indigenous architects. As more and more Native-owned construction firms open, how can non-indigenous people support them?

Beginning to answer some of these questions is a step toward building housing justice for all our unique communities—on the reservation and beyond.

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